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So you’re thinking you might be interested in canoeing, hiking, camping and all the rest?


Troop 120 is open to boys who are close to graduating 5th grade,  are eleven years old or older, and who are willing to tackle outdoor adventures and live up to our scouting code.   In the spring, we welcome boys who are “crossing over” from cub scouts. We welcome kids who are eleven and older at any time of year.

What’s the Cost?
Troop 120 has annual dues that help pay for a variety of the troop’s needs. Each outing has its own price tag – that depends on the nature of the event. Some are real bargains and some are more expensive. Each kid has a chance to earn money at our annual fundraiser to put in the bank to help pay for outings throughout the year. 

If you’re someone looking to join, we hold a number of events throughout the fall, winter, and spring which are open to guests, but you’re welcome to come and visit any of our regular troop meetings anytime.

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Are you interested? Great!

Come out and visit us, you can start by contacting us: Troop 120

We meet every Monday at 6:15pm at Advent Lutheran Church in Mill Creek.

4306 132nd Street SE
Mill Creek, WA

The link below will take you right to the BSA site to signup with Troop 120!
BSA Link

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