Our Neckerchief & Logo

Troop Neckerchief with Logo
Designed by Troop 120’s first patrol, the Badgers, commissioned at the troop’s first Court of Honor, 7 Nov. 1990.p

The Crab
The logo is based on the Crab – chosen because it is a part of the Northwest wildlife that symbolizes the ability to survive by always being prepared.

Native American art
It is shown in Northwest Native American art form ­honoring the people of this land Рand reminding us of the sixth point of the Scout Law Рkindness. Scouts are always kind and considerate to others even if their culture or habits are different from ours.

Paddle and fishing spear
The crab holds a paddle and fishing spear – reminding us to be prepared for anything. The teeth of the crab number 12 – representing the 12 points of the Scout Law.

Scout Fleur-de-lis
The crab displays the Scout Fleur-de-lis -located at the top like the point of a compass. We remember old mariners used a compass to find the way through often stormy routes – and realize that the path Scouts follow – like the mariner – is often stormy – but with persistent following of the Scout Oath and Law – the Scout will be rewarded by accomplishing the journey.

Gray edge
The gray edge represents the aged giants of our forests – and that Scouts are mindful of the environment – and strive to conserve.

Teal base
The teal base represents the rich northwest oceans – and the vibrant youth of this Troop and the world. Together they symbolize our hope for the future – both for the environment and the people.

Wear it proudly – as the Scouts of Troop 120 before you did.

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