Maps: One of the 10 Essentials

Maps are one of the 10 Essentials.

Always carry a detailed topographic map of the area you are visiting, and place it in a protective case or plastic covering.  Always carry a compass.  A Map and Compass is used for Orienteering, the use of map and compass to find locations and plan a journey.  Check out the Orienteering merit badge.

There are a number of free map resources available on the internet that allow you to view and create maps.  One of the most full featured free mapping tools is   HillMap it  is a web based mapping app that lets backcountry travelers create and print free, customizable maps from high quality map layers.  You can also use hillmap tools to calculate slope, check the weather at your destination, analyze snowpack, and more.

Here are few other great mapping resources:,-120.70489&z=12&b=t&o=nps&n=0.67


Google Map: Stehekin Area


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