BSA Uniform Guidelines

The official dress uniform is commonly referred to as the ‘Class A’ uniform but, officially known as the “Field Uniform”. Most scout troops also have an “activity uniform”, referred to as ‘Class B’ which is often a t-shirt customized just for the troop. Activity uniforms are worn for work projects, sporting activities, and other events in which the dress uniform might get damaged.
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The Scouting program in America has always included uniforms for its members and volunteers to identify members and show they are part of the Boy Scouts of America. Scouts and leaders should wear their uniforms to all patrol meetings, troop meetings, and scout outings.

The tan and green Boy Scout uniform is a well-known symbol of American scouting. All scouts in the program wear the same uniform with the major differences being the badges each scout has earned and the troop specific neckerchief.

When and where do you wear it?

One of the most common questions about our uniform; is when and where do you wear it? Do I wear it on outings, meetings, and other activities. We review what uniform is required at meeting but here are some guidelines!

BSA Insignia Guide

The Boy Scouts of America Insignia Guide says it’s your responsibility as an adult leader to “promote the wearing of the correct complete uniform on all suitable occasions.”  Troop 120 follows these guidelines:

– Uniforms are encouraged on all outings, Class B is great for active outings (backpacking,hiking etc).
– Class A Uniforms are required on some activities (Court of Honor, Weekly Meetings, Summer Camp)
– Class B is acceptable at weekly meetings if your uniform is in disrepair.
– Certain activities require us not to wear the class A for District Policy reasons (Christmas Tree Recycling) these activities are called out, and class B is encouraged.
– If in doubt, wear the uniform! 🙂

Always wear it

After a few years I’ve noticed that the ‘always wear it’ policy has been extremely helpful in keeping track of our Scouts in crowds and keeping count as a general safety measure for the
Adults and Scouts.

Uniform Questions

Do you have additional questions about the BSA Uniform check out this link:  click here

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